AVEVA™ Contract Risk Management Help


AVEVA™ Contract Risk Management is a contract risk management solution that connects all decision makers to protect capital investment, drive performance and improve profitability when building and operating high value assets.

AVEVA Contract Risk Management was formerly known as ProCon. Versions of help earlier than 8.0 are still labelled as ProCon.

Key AVEVA Contract Risk Management Features

  • Pre Award - Pre-Bid and Post-Bid tendering process execution, Company-Bidder communications
  • Post Award - Contract management, Company-Contractor communications, contractual obligations, financial health
  • Analytics and Reporting - Embedded dashboards
  • Contractor Registration and Management
  • Best Practice Configuration and Templates
  • Document Management
  • Contractor Portal
  • Secure Authentication
  • Administration and Configuration: Business Units and Project/Depts, lookups, user accounts
  • Auditing

Supported Browsers

The browsers supported for use with the AVEVA Contract Risk Management Company Portal and Contractor Portal are Internet Explorer 11 and Google Chrome.

The 32-bit version of IE11 is required for the Document Control (used for integrated editing and the copy-and-paste/drag-and-drop of documents).

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